Celebrating International Nurses’ Day

With thousands of nurses working at Somerset FT, International Nurses' Day is a day for us to celebrate and reflect on the achievements of all our colleagues.

We are a unique NHS trust, providing care to people across the county through a range of services, and this is reflected in the diversity of nursing roles. Together with multi-disciplinary teams, our nurses are working hard to continually innovate and strengthen the services we provide. It's been a tough year for many, including our colleagues, and yet they have pulled out all the stops to keep our patients safe.

In celebration of the day, chief nurse Hayley Peters, said:

"International nurses day offers me an opportunity to reflect on the diversity of nursing that we have across Somerset FT, we have all of the registrant roles and together I believe that we are perfectly placed to deliver the very best person centred care.  

"It would be remis of me not to mention the extraordinary year that we have experienced and I am indebted to you all for your commitment to others often at the expense of yourselves. Watching our colleagues deliver care against the odds this past year fills me with great pride, there are no words adequate to describe the depth of my pride other than a most sincere, heartfelt thank you to every one of you."

Today we will be showcasing just a handful of our nurses - why they chose nursing, their proudest moments, and any advice they would give to nurses of the future. You can watch by clicking the image below or view them here.

Happy International Nurses' Day everyone!