Celebrating the first anniversary of Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

This week we celebrate the first anniversary of Somerset NHS Foundation Trust – the first NHS trust on the English mainland to provide combined community, mental health and acute hospital services.

Over the last year colleagues from different parts of our trust have seen first-hand what can be achieved when services are integrated. It has also helped us to meet the unprecedented challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic, as we’ve been able to respond more effectively as one organisation working across community, mental health and hospital services. We’re very proud of our dedicated colleagues across the county who have worked tirelessly to help to save lives, support one another and to care for the people of Somerset. They have shown tremendous courage, commitment and dedication in the face of real adversity.  We start our second year as a trust much stronger as a result. It’s been a privilege to watch our two organisations come together and we have gained so much from working together, bringing fresh perspectives, energy, skills and ideas to our teams and services, for the benefit of the people of Somerset.

All our colleagues deliver exceptional service, every day, but we’ve captured a few highlights from our first year working together as Somerset NHS Foundation, in our interactive timeline. We have also published three stories that illustrate some of the great work done by our NHS trust, including:

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To celebrate the first anniversary of Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, we asked a few of our colleagues to share what they're proud to have witnessed this past year as our services have come together.

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