International Women’s Day in Somerset

Across our trust we have so many incredible women, working in incredible roles. To celebrate International Women’s Day today, we’ve asked just a few of them what makes them proud to be working in Somerset:

Alison Wootton- Joint senior responsible offer, Somerset COVID-19 vaccination programme and deputy chief nurse, Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

Omotayo (Tayo) Evans– Healthcare support worker, Rowan ward

Andrea Gibbons – Improvement evidence lead

Karen Prosser- Programme director, Somerset COVID-19 vaccination programme and director of commercial development, Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

Smita Sinha- Consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist

Tracy Evans- Community services director

Fiona Reid– Communications senior responsible officer, Somerset COVID-19 vaccination programme and communications director, Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

Georgina Boon – Lead mental health pharmacist

Members of our women's network have also joined in with International Women's Day today, discussing why they joined the network:

Victoria Keilthy - Director of integration and women's network lead

Sue Chant  - Health and wellbeing lead

Charlotte Pitman - Executive PA

Lucy Nicholls - Inclusion manager

Karen Holden - Clinical integration advisor and co-chair of the women's network

Ffion Griffiths - Management trainee

Sharon Hutchinson - Lead children looked after nurse