Midwife Zoe is first in UK to gain Unicef baby friendly qualification

Our specialist infant feeding midwife Zoe Salter is the first person in the UK to gain a Unicef baby friendly initiative practitioner qualification.

The qualification is for healthcare professionals who work clinically with mothers to support infant feeding and very early child development.

Zoe undertook a 6 month course where she had to demonstrate a series of advanced skills and knowledge in the field of infant feeding.

“I found the course gave me a real insight into the research-based information and support that mums should expect after they have given birth,” said Zoe.

"By gaining the qualification I will have additional responsibilities on the maternity unit, such as mentoring and training colleagues, teaching and supporting parents and reviewing best practice to ensure the unit stays in line with the Unicef baby friendly standards.

"The course was online and involved academic work and essays, as well as designing an education resource for parents to use.

"I’ve had really positive feedback from families about the infant feeding support we provide them on the unit.

"Many new parents have told me that they felt well informed and were happy that we gave them a great level of support around feeding and caring for their babies.”

As part of her qualification Zoe follows 6 guiding principles from Unicef:

  • Promoting Unicef’s statement that human milk, breastfeeding and very early child development are the foundation of short and long-term health and wellbeing outcomes
  • All colleagues at our NHS trust are educated to deliver evidence-based care related to infant feeding
  • Effective, evidence-based infant feeding services are available to all babies, their mothers and families
  • The baby friendly initiative is implemented in all relevant services
  • We played our part in ensuring the wider societal and cultural context of infant feeding in the UK supports optimum health and wellbeing outcomes
  • We follow the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes and subsequent resolutions are implemented throughout public services.

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