New kitchen opens at Musgrove Park Hospital

The catering team at Musgrove Park Hospital has this week moved into a new kitchen at the centre of the hospital.

It follows the demolition of the original kitchen, which was located in the Old Building on the site of the hospital's soon-to-be new sterile services centre.

It’s all part of Musgrove 2030 – an ambitious programme to transform the hospital’s facilities and ensure people are cared for in the right place to meet their health needs.

Kevin Davies, catering manager at Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, said everyone in the team was really excited to have moved into the new kitchen. “It’s a real morale booster for the team who are thrilled to be moving into the brand new facility with modern equipment,” he said.

“There’s much more space in the new kitchen and it’s a better environment so we’re already finding it easier to work in. It has a more homely feel for us after being in temporary accommodation for 18 months and it’s great we are now in a more central location on the hospital site.

“We’ve invested in some fantastic new equipment so we will look into what new types of food we can cook for our patients.

“We cater for up to 600 patients across the hospital every day, and we work closely with ward sisters and dietitians to ensure that patients are getting the right food to meet their dietary needs or preferences.

“We also prepare our soups and salads fresh from the kitchen and we get other meals ready for distribution to our wards.”

John Trotman, senior strategic projects manager at Somerset NHS Foundation Trust responsible for the kitchen development, said the move was essential for the next part of the surgical centre build.

“We’re pleased that our catering colleagues will finally be able to settle into a new permanent kitchen following their decant into a temporary area over the last 18 months,” he said. “Their patience has been remarkable during this time.

“The new kitchen has been built to cater for the potential expansion of the hospital in the future, particularly with the Musgrove 2030 programme in mind.

“We’ve been really pleased with the progress of the build with our partners at Kier doing an excellent job. Our catering team also went above and beyond in getting everything ready as we put the finishing touches inside the building.

“The space vacated by the temporary kitchen at the bottom of the Jubilee Building will now be used as a key site area for the construction of our surgical centre.

“With our vascular team already relocating elsewhere in the Old Building, the upcoming moves of our sterile services department and superficial X-Ray department will mark the beginning of the major demolition works ready for the surgical centre build – very exciting times for the future of our hospital.”