New phantom training technology for radiology

Somerset NHS Foundation Trust has been awarded £32,000 funding by Health Education England to buy a whole-body imaging phantom.

The phantom - nicknamed 'Billie' - is a simulated body that comes complete with the bones and organs that you’d expect to see in a real-life patient.

Sue Rimes, our principal radiographer, said this was fantastic news for our trust.

“The phantom can be used by our students, new starters, and trainees to practice X-Ray imaging without a real patient,” she said. “It will also play a huge part in the research we do, as well as quality assurance of our equipment.

“This particular imaging phantom is a rarely seen outside a university, and this move reflects the innovative ways that we are developing student training, to increase placement capacity and continuing to teach our students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are aiming to use the Phantom across many areas of the trust, including our operating theatres, trauma and orthopaedics and emergency department, where students can recreate situations they have seen and then learn from them.

“We are planning to work closely with our simulation training team, to run sessions where multidisciplinary groups can work together on scenarios requiring imaging and learn from one another."