Simon awarded Radiography journal ‘Editor’s Choice’

Simon Goldsworthy, our principal clinical researcher for radiotherapy, has been awarded the 'Editors' Choice' paper by the Radiography journal, for his article titled: “A systematic review of effectiveness of interventions applicable to radiotherapy that are administered to improve patient comfort, increase patient compliance, and reduce patient distress or anxiety”.

Each year, the journal presents an award for the 'Editors' Choice' paper, selected from the previous year's five issues. Simon’s article appeared in Issue 4 for 2020.

The article presents a methodologically rigorous systematic review, that informs and extends knowledge of what constitutes patient comfort and related interventions in radiotherapy.

It includes current international clinical relevance for complex techniques such as SBRT, extreme hypofractionation, 4D approaches, and online adaptive approaches that require patients to maintain the treatment position for extended periods of time.

The systematic review was undertaken as part fulfilment of Simon’s PhD studies. He’s also a recipient of a Doctoral Fellowship from the College of Radiographers.

On receiving the award, Simon said: “It’s a huge honour to have been chosen as Editor’s Choice by the journal, ahead of some truly brilliant articles that were all shortlisted from this year’s issues. I want to extend my thanks to my co-authors and doctoral supervisors Associate Professor Mary Cramp (University of the West of England), Professor Shea Palmer (University of Coventry), Dr Helen Mcnair (Royal Marsden NHS FT) and Professor Jos Latour (Plymouth University). Thanks also to my funders, Society and College of Radiographers and MacMillan Cancer Support, and of course huge thanks to my fabulous colleagues at Somerset FT who have worked alongside me.”

You can read Simon’s paper on the radiography journal here.