Yeovil Hospital Charity

Yeovil Hospital Charity is the official charity of Yeovil hospital. It raises money to fund new projects, buildings and equipment that make a difference for patients at what is often a difficult time. With the support of the community, the charity has funded a huge range of exciting projects throughout the hospital.

We are registered with the Charity Commission and our charity number is 1059922. We are also registered with the Fundraising Regulator and you can view our fundraising promise.

Yeovil Hospital Charity works hard to make a difference for patients at Yeovil hospital. The donations we receive are spent on improving the hospital’s facilities, buying new equipment and funding new projects and services that make life easier for patients at what is often a difficult time.

New equipment – making a difference

“Yeovil Hospital now has two CT scanners thanks to people like you, who did their bit to help local people. In six months we raised enough money to buy a second scanner, which now means that there is always a scanner available for patients here in Yeovil.”

Fiona Rooke, Radiographer and Diagnostic Services Manager

A nurse – making a difference

“Although the unit is funded by the NHS, the donations we receive from the public have helped to make the unit an exceptional place to be treated. Through Yeovil Hospital Charity, we receive tens of thousands of pounds every year, which allows us to buy state-of-the-art equipment and provide the very best facilities for cancer patients and their families.”

Maria Grosvenor, Lead Chemotherapy Nurse

A patient – making a difference

“The prospect of being a new parent was daunting enough and I had never even considered that we might need specialist care for our twin boys who were born 7 weeks premature. I can’t thank the SCBU team enough for looking after our children in their first few weeks. I really felt that I wanted to thank them and give something back. I also wanted to help other people who found themselves in the same situation as me in the future. That’s why I decided to help raise money for the unit and I continue to raise money as often as I can. I would encourage anyone to support the hospital because it was there for us when we needed help.”

Paul Andrews, Father and Fundraiser

You can make a difference too

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