What should I expect?

If you have been referred to our team, your family/carers will be contacted by a member of our clinical team to find out some more information. We will then arrange a time for you to attend an assessment.

In the assessment, one or two clinicians from our team will meet with you and your parents/carers to ask questions to help them to understand more about your current eating pattern, any difficulties you are having and what help you need.  The assessment will also involve some checks of physical health, such as current weight and height, pulse and blood pressure. At the end of the assessment, a plan will be agreed for what will happen next. We work with families for as long as they need us, with a goal of getting young people back to health as soon as possible.

We are a 9am – 5pm service, Monday to Friday, covering the whole of Somerset. We are supported by our Outreach colleagues who join us to offer a more intensive package where appropriate.