Getting here and where to park

Important update on car parking at Musgrove Park Hospital – for patients, visitors, and carers

Following a Government commitment, car parking at Musgrove Park Hospital will be free of charge for the following groups of people from 1 July 2021:

  • Disabled people – holders of a valid Blue Badge attending hospital as a patient or visitor.
  • Frequent outpatient attenders – all outpatients who attend Musgrove Park Hospital for an appointment at least nine times within 90 days.
  • Parents of sick children staying overnight – parents or guardians of a child or young person, under 18 years, who is admitted as an inpatient to hospital overnight. They will receive free parking between the hours of 7:30pm and 8am while visiting the child. This applies to a maximum of two vehicles per patient.

Step by step guide to accessing the free parking

Disabled people

  • Access the car park as normal
  • Attend your appointment or visit (remember to take your Blue Badge with you to your appointment as this will be required at the Q-Park office or hospital general office)
  • When ready to leave, visit the hospital general office (Duchess Building Level 0) or Q-Park Lodge (opposite the Cedars Multi-storey car park) and show your Blue Badge to get an exit pass
  • Exit the car park with the exit pass and your original ticket.

Frequent outpatient attenders

  • Access the car park as normal
  • Attend your appointment or visit, collect a form from reception (if you don’t already have one) and complete time and date of your appointment
  • Pay for your car parking as normal
  • Keep all your receipts with your form
  • Once you have used the car park on nine occasions in 90 days you qualify for free parking. On your ninth visit make sure that your form is signed off by a member of staff in your outpatient clinic
  • Visit the hospital general office (Duchess Building Level 0) with your nine receipts and qualifying form to start your refund process. You will also get an exit card issued to you on your ninth visit allowing you to exit the car park free of charge for this visit.

Parents of sick children staying overnight

  • Access the car park as normal
  • Ask the ward sister or nurse in charge for a paediatrics patient permit
  • When ready to leave, take the paediatrics patient permit to the hospital general office (Duchess Building Level 0) or Q-Park Lodge (opposite the Cedars Multi-storey car park)
  • You will be given a special pass that will exempt you from charges between 7:30pm and 8am
  • Exit the car park by inserting both your overnight ticket (first) AND original ticket (second). You will only be charged for the hours you have been parked outside the 7.30pm – 8am time

If you have any queries, please contact the Q-Park office on 01823 34(4758).

Minor changes to vehicle access at Musgrove Park Hospital

To ensure we keep the area outside our emergency department (A&E) clear for ambulances, we have made a number of small changes to the locations where patients can be dropped off at Musgrove Park Hospital.

To keep the emergency entrance clear, patients can no longer be dropped off directly outside the emergency department. Alternative drop off locations are very close by as shown below.

Drop off locations

These minor changes will ensure that the area outside our emergency department is safer for our patients, visitors and colleagues and that those who need immediate medical care can receive it as quickly as possible.

We are also reviewing our hospital site to identify further areas where we can create additional drop-off zones in the near future.

Car parking

Car parking is always limited at Musgrove Park Hospital with delays in getting a parking space at peak times. The large amount of construction work at the hospital has reduced parking further. If you are driving to the hospital, you may want to consider Taunton’s park and ride which may avoid delays. The park and ride stops right outside the outpatients department at Musgrove Park Hospital.

Parking your car at Musgrove

If you are coming to Musgrove Park Hospital by car, we have onsite parking in the Cedars multi-storey car park. There is a smaller surface car park outside the Duchess building. You can find details on the hospital site map and locations are clearly signposted around the hospital site.

The hospital’s car parks are managed by Q Park on behalf of the hospital.

Parking charges

Q-Park Musgrove Park Hospital price list 2020/2021

Visitors parking tariffs

  • 0 to 1 hours   –      £1.80
  • 1 to 2 hours   –      £4.50
  • 2 to 4 hours   –      £7.20
  • 4 to 24 hours –      £11.70
  • Lost Ticket –          £11.70
  • Compassionate Weekly Ticket   £25

You can pay parking charges with cash or credit and debit cards (excluding American Express). Please note: the car parking ticket payment machines do not accept £20 notes.

Reduced parking charges

If you are visiting the hospital three or more times a week, for a prolonged period of time, we can offer concessionary parking rates.

Senior nurses in our outpatient department can offer concessionary parking rates to people who visit the department frequently. You can download the reduced parking rate request form here. These are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Disabled parking

We have 23 disabled parking spaces in the Duchess 2 car park. We also have a number of disabled drop-off areas:

  • Next to the main entrance to our Jubilee Building
  • At the entrance to our Beacon Centre
  • At our children’s ward main entrance
  • In front of our emergency department
  • Outside our maternity unit.

How to use the barrier car parks

Please note that all of the car parks on the hospital site are operated by barriers.

  • Drive up to the barrier
  • Press the button and take the ticket
  • After parking, please keep your ticket with you
  • Pay for your ticket on your return at the pay machines
  • Drive to the exit barrier and insert your ticket

    Travel to our community hospitals and mental health sites

    There is no charge for parking at our community hospitals and mental health sites, although parking at some of them can be pressured at times.