Quality Improvement

We don’t just come to work to provide outstanding care, we come to work to continuously improve the services we provide.

Our approach is to turn service challenges into opportunities to improve health outcomes, experience of care and colleague satisfaction.

A committed and enthusiastic team of resident quality improvement specialists listen to their colleagues’ reflections of the pressures and problems they face then work together with them using tried and tested tools and techniques to deeply understand the issues. They coach, advise and support their peers from all levels in the organisation to lead quality improvement projects of all shapes and sizes.

We are proud to be spreading a culture where quality improvement runs through the veins of our organisation and beyond, hand in hand with colleagues having the sanction and backing to make positive change happen.

In October 2020 we were awarded the prestigious Blue Plaque accreditation in recognition of our commitment to delivering outstanding care through a culture of quality improvement.

Find out more about our quality improvement journey and hear colleagues presenting their projects in the NHS Fab Change Day Global Virtual Conference video here. You’ll also see Roy Lilley, health writer and commentator, awarding us the honourable Blue Plaque accreditation!