About the Library

About Library & Knowledge Services

Library & Knowledge Services is a multidisciplinary information service available to all employees and students within Somerset NHS Foundation Trust and the wider Somerset health community.

We have a team of professional and knowledgeable staff who provide information for patient care, decision-making, learning and research.

What do we do to support healthcare organisations?

  • Support research and innovation
  • Facilitate exploration of treatment options
  • Support the education of future NHS staff
  • Find evidence to inform business cases
  • Discover information for clinical audits
  • Support organisational knowledge management
  • Provide advice on high quality, trusted and reliable information for patients and the public.

Where we are

The main library is based at Musgrove Park Hospital. Currently it is housed on the first floor of Barton House South whilst a new library is under construction in The Academy refurbishment. The branch library at Cheddon Lodge on the Wellsprings Hospital site is temporarily closed for refurbishment.  Both libraries offer WiFi and computer access.

There is 24/7 service for all registered library members via a keypad code.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more contact the library