Cheddon Lodge Learning space 

From summer 2022 Cheddon Lodge library will re-open as Cheddon Lodge Learning Space – a designated space for quiet study and learning. The library book stock has been removed and integrated with the collection at the Library at Musgrove Park Hospital. 

You can search for books here: SWIMS library catalogue 

Search for articles and more via the Knowledge & Library Hub

Browse the Psychology e-book collection (NHS OpenAthens login required)

Books can be requested by emailing library@somersetft.nhs.uk or the book request form, and will be posted to your workplace (or to your home if you are home working). 

There are 6 PCs available at Cheddon Lodge, with additional study spaces if you want to bring your own device with you. It is drop-in use only, first come first served. 

Access to Cheddon Lodge Learning Space will be provided on request to SFT and YDH staff, please contact the Library. The space will be open Monday – Friday 08:30-16:30. The access code will not work outside of these hours. 

The space will be an unstaffed study area, so we ask that you treat other learning space users with kindness and respect and abide by the following code of conduct: 

  • The primary function of the learning space is to provide a quiet space for study and learning, it is not a hot-desking office space. Study spaces are first come, first served and cannot be booked or reserved.
  • Please respect other colleagues using the space and keep noise to a minimum. There are private staff offices on the ground floor and first floor. 
  • Please leave the space as you find it, and wipe down the PC/workstation before and after use, using the Clinell wipes provided. 
  • You are welcome to use your own laptops in the learning space, but please do not disconnect any of the desktop equipment to connect your laptop to monitors etc. 
  • Please be mindful of any confidential conversations – it is an open plan space. 
  • Please use headphones if you are attending online, virtual interactive learning sessions or MS Teams calls. 
  • A small kitchen is available for use – please bring your own refreshment supplies and leave the kitchen clean and tidy when you have finished. 
  • Please vacate the space promptly at 16:30 on weekdays – the door will automatically lock at this time, and the access code will NOT work after hours or at weekends. 
  • Please report any IT issues directly with IT – there is a phone by the printer which can be used for this, and other emergency numbers provided. 

Frequently asked questions

Why isn’t Cheddon Lodge 24/7 access any more?
Following a security review, and advice from the Trust Security Officer, the decision was made to withdraw 24/7 access to Cheddon Lodge, as there were security concerns which couldn’t be mitigated. The door code will work between the hours of 08:30-16:30 Monday to Friday only. 24/7 access to library and learning facilities is available at the Library in Musgrove Park Academy on the Musgrove Park Hospital site – contact the Library for details on how to request access.

I don’t have a Somerset Partnership Trust IT login – how do I log onto the PCs at Cheddon Lodge?
The PCs at Cheddon Lodge are on the Somerset Partnership Trust network (Avalon/Finance). Staff with SPT IT logins can log straight onto the machines. Staff with SFT IT logins can log in by adding ‘TST\’ in from of their username e.g. TST\Joe.Bloggs. This will log into the SFT network.

How do I print to the printer at Cheddon Lodge?
Printing is available at Cheddon Lodge. The printer has ‘Follow me’ printing. SPT staff may have a fob or swipe card they can use to release their printing. SFT staff can manually log into the printer using their SFT IT login to release their printing.