Information about our bookable rooms

Some areas of the library are bookable for private or small group study.

On the ground floor two pods are available for individual bookings. Each pod is equipped with a computer and extra sockets. If you require headphones, please ask the librarian at the enquiry desk.

These pods are not soundproof or private, bear this in mind when you request to book them.

On the first floor we offer two group rooms. Each room has a capacity of 2 maximum (under Covid-19 social distancing rules) and can be combined into one room with a capacity of 5 maximum.

Each room is equipped with a computer and a TV/monitor screen. These rooms are ideal for private and group study, tutorial, or training sessions for small groups.

Our room booking priorities

Whilst we will try to accommodate you, we will prioritise bookings for:

  • individual study and e-learning
  • group study
  • library related training sessions


The rooms can’t be booked for:

  • Hot desking space
  • Meetings/MS Teams calls


When you make your request, please add as many details as possible (in the ‘additional comments’ section if using the Bookwise link or in your email if you send an email to the library) so we can make a decision on the booking request.

Request a room using Bookwise

Instructions for using Bookwise booking system

For help with making a booking using Bookwise, please see the images below. If you experience any problems, please contact the library: or 01823 322433

Room Booking Policy

Please read and comply with our Room booking policy (1)