Maternity services are provided here in Taunton in a number of locations including our main Musgrove Park maternity unit, Mary Stanley midwifery led birth unit at Bridgwater Community Hospital and in your own home throughout the local community. Our maternity services provides care for over 3,200 births per year.

The maternity team is made up of various clinicians including midwives, obstetricians, maternity support workers, trainee nursing assistants, paediatricians and anaesthetists. We also work closely with a range of other healthcare providers including GPs and health visitors.

We offer a friendly, supportive and safe service for women and families throughout Somerset.

Updates to maternity services and visiting during the COVID-19 pandemic – Mon 12 April 2021

We have been through an exceptional year, during which time we have worked hard to support you through your times of increased anxiety and worry during your pregnancies, births and postnatal period. We would like to thank you all for your continued support and understanding during this time, and also now as we start to implement further easing of our maternity restrictions.

You can now bring one support person (be that partner, relative, friend or someone else) to all of your maternity appointments at our hospitals or units.

They can:

  • Accompany you at all times on our Labour ward or in our birthing centres
  • Stay with you during your induction of labour from the time you are admitted until 7pm and/or your transfer to our labour ward when you are in established labour
  • Accompany you at all of your ultrasound scans
  • Accompany you at all of your face to face hospital appointments
  • Visit you on our antenatal ward (Willow) and our postnatal ward (Fern) between 2pm and 7pm.

If you are giving birth at our Bracken Birthing Centre at Musgrove Park Hospital or our Mary Stanley Birthing Centre at Bridgwater Hospital, you may have two nominated partners present in the pool rooms only.

Community midwifery appointments are provided in a variety of locations, many of which already provide access to support partners. However the trust does not have direct control over the buildings in some community care settings, including GP surgeries, who may not currently allow additional support people attending appointments. We are committed to working together with these settings to enable partners to attend appointments safely.

Rapid COVID-19 testing (lateral flow)

We would encourage all women and their chosen support partners to register and take up the offer of the free national lateral flow testing. This helps us to keep you and our colleagues safe, ensuring we can continue to provide the best care. More information here.

Please note that all members of the public – including pregnant women – are asked to wear a hospital-provided, single-use mask when entering healthcare settings. These are available at all entrances to our hospitals and units – please use the hand gel provided before taking a mask. Please also continue to adhere to the 2m social distancing rule with others outside of your ‘bubble’.