Maternity Self Referral FAQ's

Maternity Self Referral FAQs

Self Referral FAQs

What happens when my referral is received?

Your referral will be processed by our maternity admin team and may take up to 5 days to be processed. Your details are then passed onto one of our midwives who will look after you dependent on which GP surgery you are registered with.

I have submitted my referral form, when can I expect a midwife to contact me?

A midwife will contact you within 2 weeks to arrange your first booking appointment, which will be between 8-10 weeks of pregnancy.

What if I have not been contacted before I reach 10 weeks of pregnancy?

If you have not heard back from a midwife by 10 weeks of pregnancy, please contact the booking answerphone line on 01823 343321 and leave your details, a member of our team will get back to you within 3 working days.

When will I have my booking?

Booking appointments are usually held between 8-10 weeks of pregnancy. if you find that you are further on in your pregnancy than expected, please tells us your pregnancy dates on the self-referral form and we will see you more quickly.

I have submitted my referral form but no longer need an appointment, who do I contact?

If you no longer require a midwife to contact you (if you have experienced a miscarriage, no longer wish to continue with the pregnancy or are moving out of the area) please contact the booking line on 01823 343321 to let us know. If you have already been contacted by your midwife and already have an appointment, you can contact your GP surgery directly to cancel the appointment.

What information should I read before my booking appointment?

Follow the useful links below the FAQs for two documents that will help you, particularly the section "screening tests in pregnancy". Your midwife will discuss these pregnancy options with you at your first appointment and can arrange scans and tests you need.

What information should I read now that I am pregnant?

For support on your journey from pre-conception, pregnancy and beyond please access the Maternity Toolkit website below: