Bracken Birth Centre

Bracken Birth Centre tel: 01823 342058

Sister Pip Quinn

Our Bracken Birth Centre is currently closed for an upgrade and we expect to re-open early summer. During this time we can offer low risk care at home, at Mary Stanley midwifery-led unit in Bridgwater Community Hospital or on labour ward where there is a birthing pool available.

The Bracken Birth Centre is located on the same site as the maternity unit but is separate from the main delivery suite.  Bracken is staffed by midwives and will have two birthing rooms, with pools and en-suite facilities once refurbishment is completed.

We are a midwifery-led centre supporting women to birth in a home from home setting under the care of midwives. We offer a relaxed environment and space to birth your baby in one of our comfortable birth rooms.

The Bracken team offer a huge collective amount of midwifery experience and skills. We have lots of knowledge to share with you and use aromatherapy, massage, breathing techniques, herbal teas, as well as ways to help your baby into the best (most optimal) position for birth.

Mostly though, we love working in our cosy environment and are always working on improvements to our service to support women and their families.