Labour Ward

(Main Delivery Suite)

Labour Ward (main delivery suite)

Delivery Suite Musgrove park Hospital

Our labour ward at Musgrove park Hospital provides consultant (senior doctor) led care to help you, if you have or develop, medical problems during your pregnancy or labour and when giving birth in an environment with direct access to doctors is recommended.

If you choose to give birth on the labour ward, an obstetrician will take the main responsibility for your care, but you will still be looked after by a midwife during your labour.

  • The different doctors able to provide care on delivery suite include:
  • Obstetricians: doctors who are specialists in pregnancy and birth
  • Anaesthetists: doctors who administer anaesthetic including epidurals
  • Paediatricians: doctors who are specialists in newborn care

Our Facilities include:

  • 8 dedicated birth rooms (six of the rooms have ensuite facilities)
  • A room with a birthing pool
  • 1 emergency theatre

We offer all forms of pain relief for your birth from transcutaneous nerve stimulation (TENS a method of pain relief involving the use of mild electrical current), entonox (gas and air), diamorphine (injection) to epidurals. we also provide aromatherapy and use of the birthing pool on the labour ward, if it is safe for you to use it (depending on your medical/obstetric history)

We have a range of birthing aids to help you remain mobile and active throughout labour and to manage your pain as naturally as possible. You are encouraged to bring your own music and pillows with you – whatever may help you feel comfortable and as at home as possible in our environment.

If for any reason you need a caesarean birth (either as an emergency or planned) or instrumental delivery (forceps or suction) our theatre is within the main labour ward.