Infant Feeding Team

Feeding My baby

The Infant Feeding Team

The UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative works with health care professionals to provide parents with the best support to build close and loving relationships with their baby, and to feed their baby in ways that support optimum health and development.

We were re-accredited as a Gold service in January 2020!

Return with your baby for extra help. The infant feeding team run antenatal breastfeeding workshops every week and more information can be found under related links.

Part of the role of the team is to provide ongoing training and support to the midwives and maternity support staff around infant feeding as well as write and update the guidelines and policies. This means any of the staff are able to answer your questions and  you can expect to receive consistent and evidence based support from your  community and hospital team throughout your pregnancy and in the early days after having your baby.

If your midwife or other health care professional feels you would benefit from more specialist support they will put in a referral to our team. We aim to get in touch as soon as possible during the working week after the referral has been received.

There are baby friendly champions in every ward area and community team within maternity. They are staff who attend regular updates and disseminate key information to the people they work with to ensure you receive the most up to date information on infant feeding.

During pregnancy

Taking time out to connect with your baby during pregnancy by talking, reading, singing, noticing and responding to movements can help you to start building a bond with your baby. Partners, siblings and other close family members can also start bonding with your baby in these ways.

Bonding and closeness helps to stimulate your baby’s brain and promote cognitive development (such as thinking, remembering and understanding) as well as providing comfort for your baby.

During pregnancy your community midwife will talk to you about feeding, caring and comforting your baby in the early days of life. Your community midwife can also talk to you about how to hand express and when to try this. Some women will be encouraged to collect and store colostrum (the first form of milk made for your baby) before their baby arrives depending on their care. For more information click here