Accessing the service

We want to make access to our service as easy as possible, you will need to be registered at a GP surgery in Somerset and be 18 years of age or above at point of referral.  If you are under the age of 18 please contact your GP or CAMHS (Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service).  For adults, we have created several ways for you to access our service:

  • GP referral – If you think you may need some psychological support, you can visit your GP and ask them about the options available. If suitable, your GP may refer you to us.
  • Self Referral Form – If you would prefer to self-refer, you can use our self-referral form.  Please ensure you complete the form using your first name as appears on your birth certificate and not abbreviations of your first name or “nicknames”.
  • Phone us – On our phone number 0300 323 0033 (charged at a local rate from landlines and mobiles), please note that this is the administration department number, we cannot take referrals directly over the telephone but we can arrange to send you a form to refer yourself, or advise you of other ways to access our service.  Our offices are open from Monday – Friday from 9am-5pm excluding Bank Holidays.

What next?

If you have filled in the self-referral form or been referred to us by your GP, we will get in contact with you to organise your assessment appointment. – this is usually on the telephone, but can also be done face to face if requested. If you ring us to self-refer, your assessment appointment can be arranged there and then.

During this initial call, you will be requested for some basic information such as your NHS number, date and place of birth etc.



We are a confidential service.  We do not share information with third parties (family members, employers etc) without prior consent from you. The only exceptions to this are your GP or if there were concerns regarding the safety of yourself and/or children or others. This means that we cannot speak to someone who may call us on your behalf unless you give permission beforehand.


Waiting Times

We are a very busy service, working with thousands of patients every month.  You will be contacted to arrange an Assessment a few days after we receive your referral.  Your Assessor will try to give you a sense of how long you may wait for treatment.  These waiting times should be taken as a rough guide only. It is impossible for us to say exactly when we will be able to offer you an appointment. However, the more available you are, the easier it will be to find you an appointment.

Please click on this link to access our self help guides


Please note the waiting times below are for the person who has been waiting longest  in that area for that intervention.  They may have specific requirements of when they can be seen.  The more flexible you are throughout the week, the sooner we can offer you an appointment.

Waiting times week ending 10 March 2019



Area Therapy Longest waitin weeks
Bridgwater area Guided Self Help Telephone 14
Guided Self Help Face to Face 6
High Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 33
Psychological therapy 21
 Chard Area Guided Self Help Telephone 13
Guided Self Help Face to Face 4
High Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 24
Psychological therapy 19
Taunton (West Somerset Area Minehead, Dunster, Williton, Porlock etc ) Guided Self Help Telephone 14
Guided Self Help Face to Face 3
High Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 29
Psychological therapy 13
Taunton all other areas Guided Self Help Telephone 14
Guided Self Help Face to Face 13
High Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 29
Psychological therapy 17
Wells area Guided Self Help Telephone 16
Guided Self Help Face to Face 15
High Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 21
Psychological therapy 20