Monitoring your progress

At the beginning of treatment you will be setting achievable goals for therapy. As you progress through the treatments you will be monitoring progress towards these goals. This is also monitored by using specific questionnaires..

Below are some questionnaires that your clinician may request that you fill out,

Weekly Measures – PHQ9 and GAD7
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Panic and Agoraphobia Questionnaire
Social Phobia Questionnaire
Penn State Worry Questionnaire
Impact of events scale-Revised
When you reach the end of treatment, you will have a review with your therapist to discuss how you have progressed. If you have reached the goals you wished to achieve you will be discharged. If you and your therapist agree further work might be helpful using a different type of treatment, you will be allocated to this new intervention. We sometimes regard it helpful to have a three month consolidation time between therapy options to make sure the new learning is bedded in.