The support I have received has helped me so much, I am starting to find myself and to understand and to manage my feelings and emotions. I have gained a clearer understanding and the tools to better manage my life in a relaxed and mindful way. I wish the sessions could be extended as they have been a mainstay in promoting my recovery. Thank you for all of your help and support.

Its very informative and helpful as well as interesting I think that anyone could benefit from learning about stress.  The stress management course was very useful, the only thing is I didn’t know it will be a 4 week course as maybe I misunderstood or been misinformed but overall VERY VERY good

There isn’t anything that I have found to be not so useful. The therapists have delivered each session with clarity and helped me to understand the work I need to do on myself and with others. I have found it difficult facing my own emotions but now have a better understanding of emotions/feelings. I have started to develop my relationships with stress in my life. The experience sheets (activity) are a great tool. The little mindfulness we have covered has enabled me to do it at home regularly.

I have made very good progress after many years of not getting anywhere. The help has been invaluable. I was desperate for help and had to wait longer than i wanted for my first appointment. Therapist was brilliant, she listened and seemed to understand me very quickly, her advice worked and I had confidence in her help. I was a little disappointed at first about doing this therapy over the phone but actually it worked very well. I was in my own home, didn’t need to travel and had no other distractions.

Because this service “hit the nail on the head” for me and helped me pause my downward spiral. The self referral made me realise that this was my choice. I had finally decided to accept some help. And the help from this service has got me back on track. Thank You !

The course enabled me to challenge my thinking and gave me a chance to reflect. The ‘unhelpful ways of thinking’ proved the most helpful to me and the flow chart in week 2. The trainers were knowledgeable and friendly making the atmosphere relaxing and one in which I felt comfortable to think about my situation”

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