Your first appointment

If you have filled in the self -referral form or been referred to us by your GP, we will get in contact with you to organise your assessment appointment. (Please note that calls from us are from a withheld number).  During this initial call, you will be asked for some basic information such as your NHS number, address, date of birth and contact numbers etc.

Your first appointment:

This involves a 30 – 45 minute telephone call with one of our therapists. This conversation, plus the completion of a questionnaire, helps us to gain an outline of your current difficulties.  We can also offer face to face assessments for people who are unable to access our service via telephone.

After the assessment, we will carefully consider with you if Talking Therapies is the best for you right now. If not, we will discuss other resources or services which might be more suitable for you.

If we both decide that Talking Therapies would be useful to you, we will agree the most appropriate support for you wherever possible, this will usually be in the form of self-help materials, a course or webinar to provide you with some initial coping strategies.