Emotional skills group

You can expect warm welcome, friendly and supportive atmosphere.  The group provides a non-judgmental and safe environment to learn and work on your problems in order for you to achieve your goals.This is a 12 week group that focuses on learning new skills, and will help if:

  • You often feel overwhelmed by your emotions
  • You often feel intensely frustrated, or anxious, or low, or a mixture of all three
  • Your emotions seem too painful to cope with
  • Your feelings get in the way when you’re interacting with other people
  • You struggle with assertiveness

Just like learning any new skill it involves a willingness to try out new approaches and a readiness to practice them at home between the sessions.

Session 1: Mindfulness
Session 2: Describing Emotions
Session 3: Myths about Emotion
Session 4: Reducing Vulnerability to negative emotions
Session 5: How to increase positive emotions
Session 6: How to let go of emotional suffering
Session 7: How to change unjustified emotion by opposite action
Sessions 8-12: Assertiveness skills

There is an expectation that you will practice between sessions skills learnt from the group.


If you are interested in attending this group or would like more information you should consider referring yourself to Somerset Talking Therapies – Refer yourself.