Mindfulness group

You can expect warm welcome, friendly and supportive atmosphere.  The group provides a non-judgmental and safe environment to learn and work on your problems in order for you to achieve your goals.There is a growing body of research into the benefits of Mindfulness which include;

  • Reduced stress levels and mood disturbance.
  • Improved mood regulation.
  • Increased perceptions of control.
  • Reduced negative thinking.
  • Reductions in physical pain and improved immune function.
  • Improvements in levels of self compassion and kindness.

This is an 8 week group which includes mindfulness practices, gentle movement and breathing exercises designed to help you to be more present in here and now.  The group helps you to take a less reactive approach to life.

Sessions are as follows;

Session 1: Awareness and Automatic Pilot.
Session 2: Living in our Heads.
Session 3: Gathering the Scattered Mind.
Session 4: Staying Present
Session 5: Allowing/Letting Be.
Session 6: Thoughts are not Facts.
Session 7: How can I Best Take Care of Myself
Session 8: Using what has been learned to deal with Future Stress.


If you are interested in attending this group or would like more information you should consider referring yourself to Somerset Talking Therapies – Refer yourself.