Extreme shyness & social phobia

Situations that are often difficult for someone with social anxiety could include:

  • Being in a group situations,
  • Meeting new people,
  • Speaking to people in authority,
  • Having to start a conversation with someone,
  • Going to school, college, university or work,
  • Going shopping,
  • Being seen in a public place,
  • Using public transport,
  • Eating and/or drinking in front of strangers
  • Making eye contact
  • Talking on the phone

People with social anxiety often replay conversations and situations in their head, worrying about what they did or said.  Their main anxiety may be around being judged by others, saying, behaving and doing something that they feel may be embarrassing where they will feel foolish or that they offended someone. They will worry to the extreme about social situations before, during and after the situation has occurred.

Talking Therapies can offer different types of therapy and support for these types of difficulties. To discuss how talking therapies might help you please – Refer Yourself and you will be contacted to arrange an initial First Appointment.