Trauma & PTSD

A traumatic event can be anything that you experience that is out of the ordinary that is deeply distressing for you.  Many things can have this impact such as a robbery, an accident, being attacked, witnessing a traumatic event such as a death.  This can be on a large scale such as a major accident or a personal event involving you, friends or family.

The symptoms of PTSD can vary from person to person, although you may experience some of the following:

  • Having unwanted images of the trauma (flashbacks)
  • Having upsetting dreams about the trauma
  • Feeling very distressed when you come across situations or feelings that remind you of the trauma.
  • Losing interest in life being detached from others
  • Avoiding anything to do with the trauma
  • Feeling more tense, angry or irritable than usual,
  • Not being able to sleep or concentrate

Different types of trauma can have different types of impact. It is often help to let someone know how you are feeling even if at this stage you do not want to talk about the details. This could be a friend, family, work colleague or G.P.


Talking Therapies can offer different types of therapy and support for these types of difficulties. To discuss how talking therapies might help you please – Refer Yourself and you will be contacted to arrange an initial First Appointment.