St Andrews ward

Priory Health Park, Wells

St Andrews ward has 14 beds that provide assessment and treatment primarily for adults of working age who are experiencing an acute mental health problem. We have a team of specialist mental health doctors, nurses and therapists who work closely with the crisis resolution and home treatment team. St Andrews ward predominantly provides services for people who live in the Mendip area.

Our ward is made up of single rooms with dedicated areas for both men and women, in line with the national guidance of providing gender sensitive care for people in hospital environments, while still providing all patients the choice to freely socialise. During your stay with us we will work collaboratively with you and your family or carers, respecting your views, to develop an individualised package based on the most appropriate approach to help you recover.

Ward visits

Although many admissions to inpatient services are on an urgent basis we recognise that there may be times when a planned admission to hospital is being considered. Under these circumstances if you would like an opportunity to visit the inpatient ward prior to admission, please contact the ward direct.

Visiting times

Monday to Friday 4pm to 8pm

Weekends 10am to 8pm

Please telephone the ward for further information about visiting and the number of visitors allowed.