About Somerset Cancer Register

SCR is a web application designed to collect patient data to help healthcare professionals manage the patient’s pathway, from GP referral through to end of treatment.  The main features covered by the product include:

  • Timed Pathways
  • Ability to track and monitor patient progress
  • Manage multidisciplinary team meetings
  • Capture CNS activity, including holistic needs assessment
  • Manage acute oncology admissions
  • Includes palliative care
  • Covers 13 tumour sites
  • Seamless integration with clinical systems
  • Electronic transfers for tertiary referrals
  • Accessible on mobile devices

The application sits on your organisation’s infrastructure, so you control the patient data.

As well as supporting patient care, SCR meets all National Dataset Requirements:

  • Cancer Outcomes Services Dataset
  • National Clinical Audits
  • Cancer Waiting Times
  • Surgeon Level Reporting


Clinical Audits include:

  • NLCA (Lung)
  • NOGCA (Oesophago-Gastric)
  • NBCA (Bowel)
  • NPCA (Prostate)
  • SACT (Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy Dataset)
  • HANA (Head & Neck)

SCR is also used to support Quality Surveillance reporting.


Remote Monitoring System

The Remote Monitoring System (RMS) assists specialists to schedule and review surveillance tests for patients who have completed treatments without the need for face-to-face outpatient appointments.

Its primary role is to support individuals who are suitable to be on a self-managed pathway.

RMS is linked to SCR and enables data transfer/lookup capabilities between both systems.

RMS covers:

  • Ability to create a personalised record for each patient
  • Customise follow-up activities to suit patient needs
  • Charting of patient results against agreed thresholds and safely monitor
  • Real time view of SCR investigation data
  • Configurable letters
  • Easy to use worklist for caseload management and monitoring of tests
  • Interoperability of data, reducing the need for double data entry
  • Ability to control when to publish data to the patient portal
  • Patient centred portal linked to NHS App (powered by Patients Know Best (PKB)) or own portal data feed

As part of your contract with SCR the following is included as part of your maintenance cost:

  • 2 releases per year incorporating product improvements
  • Specialist Customer Service Team support
  • Online learning management system
  • Online Webinars around new product features
  • Opportunity to attend a Roadshow event
  • Free ESCROW cover provided by NCC
  • Unlimited number of users/patient referrals

SCR has a comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) which includes a suite of online training resources for both SCR and RMS:

  • eLearning
  • Visual How Do I Guides
  • User Forums