Some FAQs below give a brief overview of technical details. Full explanation of all system requirements.

Client-side Questions

Does the application have a client-run time component? No runtime components are used.

Does any Person Identifiable Information get stored on the local Hard Disk Drive? All information is stored securely in a SQL database on the organisation’s server. The application will allow the user to export data to various formats such as Word documents and CSV. The user has control over where these files are stored. There is no requirement to save this data on the local hard disk drive and we would recommend that these files should be stored in a server folder.

Will the application co-reside with other applications on the client PC? The application is not installed on the client PC, however a desktop shortcut can be created or a link added to the organisation’s intranet. The application runs within IE and will have no effect on other applications installed on the client PC.

Will the application run with the user logged onto the PC with restricted user rights? The system runs in the browser, providing this can be started and the address on your intranet accessed, then the system will run. The system makes no use of the registry, files or folders on the local machine.



Server-side Questions

Does the server side of the application have to run on a dedicated server(s)? It is recommended that a dedicated server is used, though the system can also run on a shared server. The system also supports virtualised server environments and load balancing configurations. Consideration will need to be given to possible downtime on systems running on a shared server.

What is the minimum specification required for an SCR server?

  • Processor – Dual Core Processor (2.0 GHz +)
  • Memory – 8GB
  • Storage capacity – 100GB

What software needs to be installed on the SCR server(s)?

Web server

  • Windows Server Operating system with IIS – Any current supported version by Microsoft
  • Microsoft .NET Framework

SQL server

  • SQL Server – Any current supported version by Microsoft

Is more than one server required for your application? The system can be run on a single server, however it is good practice and recommended to have the IIS and SQL Servers running on separate machines.

Does your application run on other platforms? If yes, please define. The web application is written in Microsoft ASP.NET; therefore only Microsoft platforms are supported.

Database/Reporting Questions

Does the application use Microsoft SQL Server? Which version is required? Yes; SCR supports all officially Microsoft supported versions.

How is the database licensed? Is it based on named users, PCs installed or connection concurrency? The licence is for the whole system and includes an unlimited number of users.

Is the core data storage ODBC or OLEDB compliant? The data can be accessed by either ODBC or

Is it possible to use third party reporting tools (such as Crystal Reports) directly on the data? Reports can be developed locally using Crystal Reports, SQL Reporting Services or MS Access. However, the SCR system includes all relevant National reports. SCR has developed DataViews which allow the user to access the SCR database via an ODBC connection and use an Excel spreadsheet to define and manipulate data fields of their own choosing.

Are there other forms of assistance available if we need to develop custom reports or extract data from the system? Normally access to the SQL views is sufficient. We can provide advice on reporting, though this would be counted against your support calls.

Does the offered solution provide a Hierarchical Storage Management solution to split current data from old data? Due to the size of the database this was not felt to be necessary.