eImport provides the mechanism to link to clinical systems to instantly pull data directly into the patient record on SCR and RMS.

There are 2 packages available:

eImport – Diagnostic

This covers HL7 links to Pathology, Radiology and Oscopy systems.

eImport – Treatment

This covers HL7 links to Anticancer Drugs, Radiotherapy and Surgery systems.

Interfacing with these system will drive up efficiency and improve the quality of data captured.


Provides the ability to electronically transfer clinical documents from SCR and RMS systems directly into an organisation’s Document Management System (DMS).

We have a full package of documents available in PDF format that can be electronically transferred from SCR and these include:

  • Acute Oncology Assessment
  • AHP Contacts
  • CNS Contacts
  • HNA/Care Plan
  • MDT Outcome – Individual and Bulk
  • MDT Outcome Letter to GP
  • MDT Referred to Letter
  • Treatment Summary


eReferral provides patient demographics including updates as well as Outpatient appointment information.  This interfaces prepopulates the SCR Referral screen.  In additional patient status is provided keeping the patient record up-to-date.

eReferral uses HL7 standards and is included free of charge when purchasing SCR.


eTertiary is a unique interface and provides SCR customers with the ability to electronically and securely send and receive tertiary referrals to and from other SCR systems.

Users benefit significantly through reduced manual data entry, speed of transfer, improved data quality and an enhanced patient record.

Included free of charge when purchasing SCR.