Multicultural Network


This supportive, open forum for all black, Asian and minority ethnic staff aims to create a workplace where the needs of everyone are understood and acted on. Working closely with other representative groups, we report regularly to the equality and inclusion working group. This means we share experiences, highlight issues and put forward ideas and solutions to improve the experience of staff.

We also advise on developments and their likely impact on multicultural staff and inform work and patient strategy to ensure the Trust remains a welcoming place for all staff. With over 40 members, we hold monthly meetings to explore relevant issues and support the Trust in addressing barriers. So far, we’ve:

  • Developed a poster campaign reminding patients, service users and colleagues of the importance of respecting and valuing our people and to stop abuse
  • Commissioned hate awareness training by an external provider, starting in autumn 2019, with further sessions agreed for the following two years
  • Reviewed national equality and diversity training and supported its implementation, replacing the previous, outdated mandatory training
  • Led a campaign to raise awareness of micro aggressions and the impact of these.