Interpretation and Translation Services

The trust can provide interpretation and translation services for patients who do not speak English, or who use British Sign Language (BSL) or have other special communication needs.

We work with Word360 who provide interpreters and translators for our patients.

We can also help with communication needs by providing whiteboards, written communications or other means of communicating that are helpful to you.

We can provide:

  • Interpreters for appointments
  • Translation of key documents
  • 3-way telephone interpreting calls
  • video interpreting
  • Key document translation

It is helpful if we know your needs for interpretation or translation as soon as possible before your appointment, although in an emergency we will always try to obtain an immediate service if we can.

Colleagues and patients can email for further help and information.

For colleagues, access to booking and arranging these services is via the trust Colleague intranet. (Please note: this link will only work for trust staff.)