Parkside Private Patient Unit

Parkside is Musgrove Park Hospital’s private healthcare facility. At Parkside, you are treated like a guest, and we do everything we can to make your time with us a calm and pleasant one.

One of the Parkside private single rooms has a neatly made hospital bed to the front left of the picture with white sheets and pillows and a pale blue blanket. A hospital table is positioned over the middle of the bed with a magazine and plate. One towel is folded at the bottom of the bed with a second positioned rolled up on top. to the right of the bed is a pale wood effect bedside table, small consul table and there is aa matching pale wood effect wardrobe against the wall round the corner. Beside the wardrobe is a wide window with two teal, wipeable chairs and a table set between with a small vase of flowers. To the right of the window is a flat screen television attached to the wall and there are empty sockets at the bottom of the wall. the flooring is pale wood laminate with one white wall and beige blind and the second visible wall where the bed head rests is teal.

We have 12 bedrooms, all airy, spacious, and smartly decorated to the modern standards that you would expect. This means that we can offer a personal service to you and your visitors.

Your Parkside experience begins when you arrive at Parkside. You can park in our dedicated car park right outside the front door, free of charge.

Our modern reception, which has recently been redecorated, is light and airy, and you will be offered refreshments by the member of our team who welcomes you. In addition to our bedrooms, we also have a consulting room where you may come to meet with your consultant or for your pre-operative assessment.

A lady in chef whites and a navy chef's hat stands smiling at the front of the image holding a tray with red fruit juice in a glass, a plate with white meat and green beans and brocolli with a side of new potatoes and a fruit salad dessert. Behind the chef's shoulder to the right is a wooden door and white frame and to the left is a neatly made hospital bed with table over the centre and a patient in navy blue pyjamas sits perched on the side of the bed at the pillow end with a light wood effect side table behind to the side. The walls are white and one teal which also features framed artwork that is unclear in the background.

At Parkside we love food, and our team of chefs offer a varied and tasty menu, which our patients help us choose, sourced from local ingredients. We prioritise your health over all things, which is why you are here.

At Parkside your care will be consultant led. This means that you will see your consultant daily and you can trust that all decisions regarding your care will be made by your consultant.

Whilst staying at Parkside, you will be cared for by an excellent and experienced team of multi-disciplinary nurses who are dedicated to helping you make a speedy and successful recovery.

The image features a hotel-style white worktop with white porcelain sink resting on top. The front right corner of the worktop has a small rolled towel and to the left is a small vase of fresh flowers and small bottles of toiletries. Above the sink, a brushed silver tap is attached to the wall and simple sleek rectangular mirror can be seen higher up, reflecting the bathroom window. Through the doorway you can see a neatly made up hospital bed with lamp over.

You also have the comfort and reassurance of knowing that you have all of the back up support and services, such as intensive and high dependency care, which come from being part of a leading NHS hospital on hand, just in case you need them.