Sterile services for the South West

We provide decontamination (sterilisation) services for healthcare related organisations, including acute and community hospitals, GPs, dentists and podiatrists, in Somerset and Dorset and across the southwest.

We supply the operating theatres with sterile instruments, and wards and departments with specific items required for patient care. We also provide a decontamination service for flexible endoscopes.

All instruments including flexible endoscopes are tracked through the decontamination cycle by a specialist traceability system which allows the staff to ensure correct cleaning and sterilisation has taken place. This system also allows instruments to be tracked to each patient and procedure.

Our Sterile Services Department ensure decontamination is achieved in compliance with the current standards. The unit is fully accredited to the following standards:

  • ISO 13485:2016
  • MDD 93/42/EEC

And work to Best Practice Guidance of HTM 01-01 (SSD) & HTM 01-06 (Endoscopy).

If you require the services of Sterile services for the South West, please contact 01935 383435.

How people can access your service

Sterile Services Department is located in a state of the art fully accredited building adjacent to the operating theatres on level 5 of Yeovil Hospital.

Sterile Services at Musgrove park Hospital

Sterile Services at Musgrove park Hospital are provided by in house decontamination (sterilisation) services.