Celebrations all round at Wincanton Community Hospital


Celebrations all round at Wincanton Community Hospital

Two colleagues at Wincanton Hospital are celebrating 83 years’ collective service at the hospital – both beginning their careers back in the 1980s!

Marian Britton has worked at the hospital since she qualified as an enrolled nurse in 1980, later converting to a registered nurse.

Michelle Chandler has been part of the furniture for 40 years, where she’s taken up a variety of roles, starting off in the housekeeping team, before becoming a healthcare assistant, and more recently as the hospital’s ward clerk, with some bank HCA shifts too!

Both Marian and Michelle were recently presented with flowers by matron Tania Collin and sister Jan Henville – recognising their unwavering commitment and dedication over the years.

Thank you both, we hope you like the flowers!