New life-saving CPR machine introduced at Musgrove Park Hospital


New life-saving CPR machine introduced at Musgrove Park Hospital

Our frontline colleagues are well trained in performing CPR when a patient’s heart has stopped, or when they can’t breathe normally, but this crucial life-saving intervention can often take some time and it can become quite difficult for colleagues to maintain the same level of compressions over a prolonged period.

Having done some research, Jennifer Wilkins, our operational lead resuscitation officer for Musgrove Park Hospital, came up with a solution – a new mechanical chest compression system that helps to improve the quality of CPR.

Jennifer was keen to introduce this new system – called LUCAS – into the hospital and the League of Friends at Musgrove Park have kindly purchased the machine, which has already been put to good use.

The team at Yeovil District Hospital has used a LUCAS device for a number of years, so both hospitals will now have the same standard approach to CPR.

“The LUCAS machine is an automated device that our colleagues can use to perform standardised chest compressions on patients who need resuscitation,” said Jennifer.

“It’s so easy to use and cradles over the patient, so colleagues can carry out this life-saving CPR for longer periods, without becoming tired. We also no longer need to change the person giving the CPR every two minutes as we’ve previously needed to.

“The system is portable so it can essentially be used anywhere within the trust, wherever a patient experiences a cardiac arrest and requires prolonged resuscitation.

“We’ve never had anything like this before at Musgrove, and although we train all our frontline colleagues in CPR, this system guarantees a level of quality of CPR for all patients.

“We’re very grateful to our League of Friends and its donors for giving us the money to buy this equipment – it’s literally a life-saver.”

Peter Renshaw, chairman of the Musgrove Park League of Friends, said: “The League has been supporting the hospital for over 60 years, which would not have been possible without the continued support of the community. I’m very pleased that the League has been able to support LUCAS in Musgrove, helping both patients and colleagues.”