Top marks for Somerset’s radiotherapy services in patient survey


Top marks for Somerset’s radiotherapy services in patient survey

Radiotherapy services in Somerset have been given a resounding thumbs-up – by the patients we care for.

A survey of patients undergoing radiotherapy in Somerset told us that 100% were either satisfied or very satisfied with their experience of treatments and 93% agreed that they were treated with care, kindness, dignity and respect.

The survey of over 600 patients at eight NHS trusts in the south west, included 40 responders at our trust, was carried out in May 2022. It reports overwhelmingly positive results with colleagues praised for their professionalism, attention to detail and continuous support.

The results also showed that 100% of patients believed that the care they received in the radiotherapy department was very good and 98% of those who attended pre-treatment planning for CT scan appointments said they felt informed of what to expect.

Other highlights from the Somerset survey include:

  • 98% of patients felt that their preferences and feelings were taken into account by colleagues throughout their radiotherapy treatment
  • 98% of patients said they were fully informed of how many radiotherapy treatments they would need, as well as the length of their course of treatment
  • 98% of patients said our radiographers talked them through their first treatment so they knew what was happening
  • 95% of patients said they had an opportunity to discuss any questions they had about their radiotherapy with our colleagues on the day of their treatment
  • 93% of patients said they felt treated as an individual, with care, kindness, dignity and respect
  • 90% of our colleagues introduced themselves throughout our patients’ time in the department.

Findings of the survey have prompted radiotherapy services across the south west to strive to improve even further, focussing on patient-centred compassionate care and timely communications.

Joanne Penman, our head of radiotherapy services, said: “I am extremely grateful to colleagues in our radiotherapy team who are immensely skilled and caring individuals. They ensure that our patients get the most accurate radiotherapy and also have the empathy to treat each patient with the compassion and kindness they need during this stressful time in their lives.

“We are continuously trying to improve our services and the patient survey is an important way of receiving feedback from the people we care for.”

Dr Petra Jankowska, one of our associate medical directors, added: “The results of this survey are absolutely fantastic and serve to confirm what we know of our radiotherapy team – they are caring and consummate professionals, who we couldn’t be prouder of.”

Michael Marsh, the NHS England South West medical director, said: “Excellent patient care is what every frontline clinician sets out to provide each day.

“These results and heart-warming feedback from patients will be a big boost to colleagues who are working tirelessly to look after their patients in the face of unprecedented demand since the pandemic.”