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Day Surgery Centre

Day Surgery Centre

We specialise in caring for patients (both adults and children), who require day case procedures under both local and general anaesthetics. The types of surgery that are performed in our unit include breast surgery, urology, colorectal (haemorrhoidectomy & laparoscopic cholecystectomy), vascular (varicose veins & hernias), gynaecology (hysteroscopy), Maxillo-facial (surgical removal of teeth) and Ears, Nose, Throat (ENT) (micro-laryngoscopy).

Our Day Surgery Centre is open 7:30am – 8.00pm, Monday – Friday.

Please be aware that your admission time will not be your operating time.

We run two theatre operating sessions per day.

For the morning session, you will be admitted from 7.30am and the operating times will be between 9am – 1pm.

For the afternoon session, you will be admitted from 12:30pm and the operating times will be between 2pm – 6pm.

We are unable to accommodate any visitors on the ward, except for patients with additional needs or carer responsibilities and those accompanying children. Please contact the nurse-in-charge prior to admission to discuss if you have any queries.