Useful information

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National information

Psychosis for Young People:—for-young-people

This webpage is targeted towards young people who are experiencing symptoms of psychosis. It provides information about the symptoms and causes of psychosis.

Am I OK:

Bucks Early Intervention Service website. Provides information on risk factors for young people who are experiencing difficulties. It discusses stress and vulnerability and provides ‘a warning signs of a breakdown’ checklist, along with advice on getting help.

Health Talk Online:

Provides information about psychosis, including everyday coping strategies, recovery and people’s stories. Also includes a forum for blogs and discussion.


The mental health charity Rethink’s national website. Includes fact sheets about a variety of mental health difficulties and a blog section where you can read and add comments to online diaries of people affected by mental illness. Also provides information for carers. You can also find local services by typing in your postcode.


The national website for the mental health charity MIND. Provides information for both telephone and online helplines. Fact sheets about a wide range of mental health difficulties can be found on this site in different languages, including comic-style booklets for young people. Advice for individuals who feel they are in a crisis is also available.

Lesbian and Gay Foundation:

The Lesbian and Gay Foundation website contains lots of useful resources for young people, carers and professionals. There is an area on the website dedicated to providing information about mental health for LGB young people. The LGF also publish a leaflet called ‘Mental Health and Wellbeing for Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual People’ which can be downloaded from the website.

Local information

Mind – Somerset:

This site provides information about projects run by the mental health charity MIND in the Somerset area. Activities include support groups, art groups and coffee mornings. Also includes a quick guide to common mental health problems.

Other information

Early Psychosis Prevention and Intervention Centre:

Australian site that details the latest news and research in the field of early intervention for psychosis. Provides references and reading materials regarding the principles of early intervention and provides fact sheets about psychosis. A comprehensive resource for professionals.

Have I got a problem:

This is an excellent resource for people with mental health problems and addictions. It has lots of helpful tips, videos and personal stories.

Health Talk Online:

A website run by the DIPEx charity with over 2000 real-life accounts of people’s experiences with physical and/or mental health problems.

Also provides information for carers.

Healthy Place:

An article discussing the reality of hearing voices and how this is experienced by individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia. It presents evidence of this through brain imaging studies and discusses theories on why people hear voices.

Intervoice Online:

A website focusing on helping voice hearers through providing information and techniques developed by voice hearers and professionals. Includes real-life stories of voice hearers and an online forum for people who experience voices.

Living Life to the Full:

An educational life skills e-learning course based on cognitive behavioural therapy principles. This site is aimed at individuals who feel dissatisfied with how they feel and how they live their lives. Topics covered include problem solving, assertiveness, healthy living and unhelpful and helpful behaviours.