Who we are

The Perinatal and Maternal Mental Health Service (PMMHS) for Somerset is a specialist community based mental health service for women (*and birthing people) who are planning a pregnancy, are pregnant or have a baby up to 12 months old. Women* with a baby need to be referred to the service before their baby is 10 months old.

We accept professional referrals from your GP, Health Visitor, mental health service and Community Midwives. The PMMHS is made up of different professionals including psychiatrists, peer support workers, mental health nurses, nursery nurses, social workers, occupational therapists and psychologists.  This service cares for women* with more serious or complex mental health needs. Even if you are currently working with a community mental health team, you may still be referred to our service for specialist advice and support, especially if you have experienced a severe perinatal mental illness previously such as postpartum psychosis.

We can provide appropriate support and treatment in your own home or at a nearby clinic or when appropriate, via a video call.

We are also part of the specialist perinatal mental health antenatal clinics at Yeovil District Hospital and Musgrove Park Hospital providing advice and consultation alongside specialist Obstetricians.

Our aim is to help you stay mentally well during pregnancy and after your baby is born. We provide this through appropriate support and treatment which includes supporting your partners own mental health well being and support for your family.

We offer preconception advice for those women* who are trying/planning to conceive and have a moderate to severe mental illness, including psychosis, bipolar affective disorder and severe depression. Women* on mood stabilisers or those who have complex medication regime may also benefit from this service.

We can also provide specialist interventions following assessment, including interventions to support bonding and attachment, stabilisation work to help you gain more understanding of emotional dysregulation or heightened stress.