Our prices

Fixed price packages are now available for self-funding patients.

We understand that knowing what your treatment will cost helps to give you peace of mind. That’s why we will always provide you with a full cost estimate to explain the key expected costs of your treatment. Our all inclusive guide prices include:

  • Consultant fees
  • Any prosthesis charges
  • Theatre charges
  • Accommodation
  • Food and beverages.

Call 01935 384 234 or contact us using the form at the bottom of the page.

Self-funded private treatment guide prices

Guide prices for some of our most popular self-pay treatments can be seen below.

Comparing prices?

Not all private hospitals publish an all inclusive guide price like we do. When comparing us please ensure you ask for an all inclusive price from the other provider. We want you to feel confident you’re getting the best value for money.

Investigations and treatment in the private sector can be costly, particularly if there is no private health insurance.
Patients attending for private consultation may find that x-rays, laboratory tests or other investigations need to be arranged. Before embarking upon these, it is important that patients are fully informed of the costs they may incur.

Private outpatients may change to NHS status at any time but this intention must be clearly indicated to the consultant, ideally in writing. The consultant is obliged to write to the GP to notify them of this change of status. The GP will then re-refer the patient on an NHS basis for any tests or treatment. Patients reverting to NHS status may not be advantaged on the NHS waiting lists by having had a private consultation.

Please contact the Private Patient Office on 01935 384 234. Detailed estimates can be provided for any procedure as required.

Consultant fees vary for both outpatient appointments and procedures, please contact the consultant’s secretary for prices. Private patients attending for investigations or treatment will be asked to sign an outpatient registration form. This form asks the patient to accept responsibility for invoices arising from the visit to hospital. For many, this will mean making a claim on Private Health Insurance and it is helpful to have insurance policy details available at that time.

1. Clinical investigations outpatient tariff

Please call 01935 384 234 for our price list.

2. Radiological tests outpatient tariff

Please call 01935 384 234 for our price list.

3. Laboratory tests outpatient tariff

Please call 01935 384 234 for our price list.

4. Outpatient procedures

Please call 01935 384 234 for our price list.

5. Guide prices for procedures

Treatment tailored to your specific needs: Our consultants will tailor the treatment they recommend to your specific needs. The information below is a useful guide to what each treatment costs. Please do not hesitate to call us on 01935 384234 to get a bespoke quote. You will always receive a written price quote from us before being admitted for treatment.

OPCS CODE Procedure GA/LA £
K6513 /15 Cardiac angiogram femoral/radial approach LA £3600
X5020 Cardioversion LA £2050
H2002 Colonoscopy (incl Histology) LA £2300
H2502 Flexi-sigmoidoscopy LA £1700
H5100 Haemorrhoidectomy GA £3750
H4430 Examination under anaesthetic of rectum GA £2265
T2002 Laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair GA £4300
T2000 Open inguinal hernia repair GA £3350
J1880 Laparoscopic cholecystectomy GA £6500
Q1800 Hysteroscopy GA £2675
Q3900 Diagnostic laparoscopy GA £3400
Q7040 Total abdominal hysterectomy (+/- Oophorectomy) GA £7600
P2310 Pelvic floor repair GA £6000
C7340 YAG laser (one eye) LA £610
C7122 Cataract (with basic lens) *Please contact us for your personal quote LA £2975
C7922 Vitrectomy LA £6000
W4210 Total knee replacement GA From £13500
W3712 Total hip replacement GA From £13500
W5200 Unicompartmental knee GA £12500
W2830 Removal of metal work GA £3995
W8620 Hip arthroscopy GA £6500
Knee arthroscopy (criteria dependent) GA £3,695
W6017 Arthroscopic ankle fusion GA £7480
W0300 Multi procedures on forefoot GA £6630
T7915 Rotator cuff repair GA £6150
A6510 Carpel tunnel release LA £1900
Shoulder replacement GA £13500

Private Patient general contact

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