What is the Rapid Response Service?

The Rapid Response Service (RRS) is a service, which supports you at home.

Instead of being admitted to hospital.  RRS works with lots of other services, such as the ambulance service, NHS 111, your doctor, adult social care, local charities and community groups to help you get the support you need at home.

The service is made up of Nurses, Therapists, Pharmacy Technicians, Paramedics, Reablement Practitioners and Healthcare Support Workers.  They will provide an urgent assessment of needs and formulation of a reablement plan with you.


Why home is the best place to get better?

It’s important to go to hospital if you are very ill or need surgery, but studies suggest the best place to recover is at home. People who are admitted to hospital often lose their independence and body conditioning very quickly, which makes it harder for them to get home again and back doing the things they enjoy. Just 10 days of bed rest for a healthy older person can equate to 10 years of muscle ageing and loss of function.

Staying at home means you can keep your independence and abilities.


How will I know whether I should go to hospital or stay at home?

RRS will visit you at home to see whether you can be looked after at home or need to be admitted to hospital. They will ask you lots of questions to identify what kind of support you need and will work with anyone who is already looking after you (such as a partner or family member) to find the best ways to support you both.

If you are well enough to stay at home with support, they will work with you to list the things you need help with, such as washing, dressing, going to the toilet or getting about your house. This is called a ‘reablement plan’. Once this is completed RRS will work with other teams to make sure you get the support you need.


We can also link with the Hospital from Home Team and utilise other professionals such as Advanced Care Practitioners (ACPs) and to support you to remain at home should you require any medical interventions.


Typical situations supported by rapid response service are fallers – non injury may need help in getting up from floor, people with new infections and it has affected their ability to manage at home, patients who are at the end of their life and wish to remain at home.


How long will the Rapid Response service help me at home?

Rapid Response Service is an intensive service that lasts between 0 to 5 days depending on your needs. It may be a one-off visit is all that is needed.

If you still need ongoing support, we will make sure that you are known to the following services: Neighbourhood Teams, including District Nurses and the Community Rehab Service, Adult Social Care Team, or any local charities that could help look after you and make sure you are safe and well at home.


Who do I call if I have any questions?

If you, or a family member or the person looking after you have any questions, you can phone the patient line between 8am and 9pm on:

(0300 232 0043 (admin)


If you are worried that you are getting more unwell, you should phone 111 or in an emergency, phone 999


How do I refer for RRS?

RRS only accepts referrals directly from Somerset Primary Link.  Please call 01749 836700 and follow the options to refer a patient for our services.