Our mission, vision, and values

Our mission is to improve the health and wellbeing of everyone in Somerset and to deliver outstanding integrated care by supporting our colleagues and nurturing an inclusive culture of kindness, respect and teamwork.

Our vision is – thriving colleagues, integrated care, healthier people.

Our vision is supported by shared values that were developed by our colleagues across our range of services. They are kindness, respect and teamwork. We strive to use them in our work every day, to develop a compassionate, inclusive and learning culture and put our values at the heart of our service planning, recruitment and the operational running of services for patients.

Our trust’s strategic objectives support the achievement of the aims we share with health and social care partners in Somerset. They are to:

  • Improve the health and wellbeing of the population
  • Provide the best care and support to people
  • Strengthen care and support in local communities
  • Reduce inequalities
  • Respond well to complex needs
  • Support our colleagues to deliver the best care and support through a compassionate, inclusive and learning culture
  • Live within our means and use our resources wisely
  • Develop a high performing organisation delivering the vision of our trust.

We measure our progress to deliver these strategic objectives through our board assurance framework which is reported to our Trust Board.

Image is of two people. one is talking to the other that is listening. The person listening is sat on a grey comfortable sofa which is in front of some old Victorian radiators which are below some very big windows which makes the room very light. There is a supporting roof pole that goes across the window.

Culture of listening

Here are a few examples of our policies that have been developed in partnership with our trade union colleagues.

A person looking at a laptop which has an image of another person. They look like they are in conversation. The person looking at the laptop has a headphone in her right ear, left hand on the keyboard and right hand has a pen writing on the paper. the Table used is blue with white edging.

Career conversation

Our career conversation policy.

Career conversation
An image of a person working at a busy but clean desk. Th person looks relaxed in her work. The room setting is almost a factory/ industrial setting with brick walls. There is black and white abstract paintings in the very distance of the image.

Flexible working

Our Flexible working policy.

Flexible working
Image of two people facing each other in conversation. Both dressed really smart. The setting is almost a break room with lots of tables and chairs.

Disciplinary Policy

Our Disciplinary Policy.

Disciplinary Policy
Three people all looking at a laptop screen and another monitor. They are sat at a white round table pointing at the screen. In the background is some bookshelf's with supports from trees sticks. There is banana plant on the left hand side of the image.

Supporting Attendance Policy

Our Supporting Attendance Policy.

Supporting Attendance Policy