Start your apprenticeship with Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

You can start an apprenticeship with us whether you’re starting your career, want a career change or you’re upskilling in your current job at Somerset NHS Foundation Trust. You can have a previous qualification like a degree and still start an apprenticeship.

Somerset NHS Foundation Trust endeavours to provide development opportunities for those looking to develop a career in the NHS, in both clinical and non-clinical roles.


Why become an apprentice

Through apprenticeship programmes, individuals can earn a salary, develop their skills, and achieve a nationally recognised qualification, all whilst contributing towards delivering excellent patient care. You can use apprenticeships to develop leadership and management expertise too.

The basics of apprenticeships in our trust

  • Depending on your situation, the programme you are applying to study, and the needs of your service and team, you may stay in an existing role under your current terms and conditions, or you could potentially move into a new role.
  • All educational fees are paid for in entirety by the trust, from the apprenticeship levy.
  • A minimum of 20% of your weekly working time would be spent in off-the-job learning during the programme (for example, attending tutorials, writing assignments and other similar activities).
  • Functional skills in literacy, numeracy and ICT are required (includes some teaching and an exam). If you don’t possess these functional skills you will need to gain them alongside your apprenticeship to complete the course.

How do I apply for an apprenticeship as an internal NHS staff member?

To understand how internal apprenticeships work please visit the Somerset FT Apprenticeships page on the SOMPAR intranet which will walk you through how to apply.

How do I apply for an apprenticeship if I don't already work for the NHS?

Not all apprenticeships are available to external candidates. You can use the HASO Pathways Tool which will help you find the career progression pathway which suits you best.

Keep an eye on Search Jobs | Recruitment | Somerset NHS Foundation Trust ( to apply for the apprenticeship which aligns with your career goals.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Will I need to pay for my apprenticeship training?

No, all of your training costs are paid for by Somerset NHS Foundation Trust.

I already have a degree, does that mean I am unable to undertake an apprenticeship?

As long as the you would be learning enough new skills within the apprenticeship, having a degree or any other qualification does not exclude you from becoming an apprentice.

Your degree and previous learning and experience would be taken into account and form part of the recruitment process.

What qualification will I gain?

During your apprenticeship programme you will be working towards a nationally recognised apprenticeship standard. This is accredited by relevant industry regulatory bodies and will help further you in your chosen career.

Depending on the type of programme you enrol onto you may also have the chance to work towards other recognised qualifications and functional skills in maths and English.

Can I get a degree from doing an apprenticeship?

Yes, higher apprenticeships give you the opportunity to train and study for a foundation degree or even an honours degree.

You can also do a Degree Apprenticeship to study towards either a Bachelors or Master’s degree. During your degree apprenticeship, you will be required to study part-time with a university.

Would I be an employee during my apprenticeship?

Yes, as an apprentice you have the same employment rights as a permeant member of staff.

The only difference is you may have a contractual end date to your employment and training programme once you have completed your apprenticeship, however, this is the exception.

Why should I choose an apprenticeship over university?

Apprenticeships take a more practical, hands on approach to learning than university. You will focus on training for a specific career and develop skills, knowledge and understanding by actually doing the job. You will gain hands-on experience and have the opportunity to apply your skills immediately. You will also not have any university fees.

Useful information

The Healthcare Apprenticeship Standards Online (HASO) section of the Skills for Health website contains information about apprenticeships and career pathways. Below are some links to popular NHS pathways.

The Apprenticeship Standards Factsheets show the variety of apprenticeships available in occupations such as Nursing, Ambulance Services, Allied Health Professions, Radiography and Healthcare Science.

The Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education’s (IfATE) Occupational Maps show the relationships that exist between education, qualifications, apprenticeships and occupations in England.

Our apprenticeships

Apprenticeship standard


Apprenticeship standard

Training provider

Advanced Clinical Practitioner 7 Advanced clinical practitioner (integrated degree) UWEBournemouth University –  University of ExeterUniversity of Plymouth
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Data Specialist 7 Artificial intelligence (AI) data specialist Cambridge Sparks
Associate Project Manager 4 Associate project manager University Centre Weston
Business Administrator 3 Business administrator Bridgwater and Taunton CollegeDamar TrainingYeovil CollegeBusiness People Professional Strode College
Business Analyst  4 Business analyst Just ITBusiness People Professional
Chartered Manager Degree 6 Chartered manager (degree) University of Exeter
Clinical Associate in Psychology 7 Clinical associate in psychology (CAP) (integrated degree) University of Plymouth University of Exeter
Clinical Coder 3 Clinical coder Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust
Coaching Professional 5 Coaching professional Business People ProfessionalSouth Devon College
Community Health and Wellbeing Worker 3 Community health and wellbeing worker PMAButtercups Training
Content Creator 3 Content creator South Devon College Just IT
Customer Service Practitioner 2 Customer service practitioner Bridgwater and Taunton CollegeYeovil College
Data Protection and Information Governance Practitioner 4 Data protection and information governance practitioner Damar Training
Data Analyst 4 Data analyst Exeter CollegeCambridge SparksJust IT
Data Engineer 5 Data engineer Cambridge Spark
Data Scientist 6 Data scientist (integrated degree) Exeter CollegeNortheastern University LondonBusiness People Professionals
Data Technician 3 Data technician Bridgwater and Taunton CollegeJust ITCambridge Sparks
Dental Nurse 3 Dental nurse (integrated) Temp Dent DentalYeovil College
Diagnostic Radiographer 6 Diagnostic radiographer University of Exeter
Dietician 6 Dietitian Sheffield Hallam
Digital and Technology Solutions Professional 6 Digital and technology solutions professional University of Exeter
Digital and Technology Solutions Specialist 7 Digital and technology solutions specialist (integrated degree) University of Exeter
Enhanced Clinical Practitioner 6/7 Enhanced clinical practitioner University of PlymouthBournemouth University
Healthcare Science Assistant  (Sterile Services) 2 Healthcare science assistant CSR Scientific Training
Healthcare Science Assistant (Audiology) 2 Healthcare science assistant CSR Scientific Training
Healthcare Science Associate 4 Healthcare science assistant CSR Scientific Training
Healthcare Science Practitioner (Audiology) 6 Healthcare science practitioner (integrated degree) Aston University
Healthcare Science Practitioner (Cardiac) 6 Healthcare science practitioner (integrated degree) University of the West of England
Healthcare Science Practitioner (Ophthalmology) 6 Healthcare science practitioner (integrated degree) University of Gloucestershire
Hearing Aid Dispenser 5 Hearing aid dispenser South Devon College
HR Support 3 HR support Weston College
Improvement Practitioner 4 Improvement practitioner Yeovil College
Improvement Leader 6 Improvement leader Henley Business School
Information Communication Technician (ICT) 3 Information communications technician Just ItYeovil CollegeBridgwater & Taunton College
Information Manager 4 Information manager Yeovil College
Library, Information and Archive Services Assistant 3 Library, information and archive services assistant Let Me Play Limited
Marketing Executive 4 Marketing executive Just IT
Medical Administrator 3 Medical Administration Damar Training
Mortuary Technician 3 Mortuary technician RSPH (In Partnership with East Durham College)
Multi – Channel Marketer 3 Multi-channel marketer Just IT – Bridgwater and Taunton College
Occupational Therapist 6 Occupational therapist University of the West of England
Operating Departmental Practitioner 6 Operating department practitioner Birmingham City University
Operations/Departmental Manager 5 Operations or departmental manager Bridgwater and Taunton CollegeBusiness People Professional
Oral Health Practitioner 4 Oral health practitioner Yeovil College
Peer Worker 3 Peer worker Dynamic
People Professional (HR) 5 People professional University Centre WestonBournemouth and Poole College
Pharmacy Technician 3 Pharmacy technician Buttercups
Physiotherapist 6 Physiotherapist University of the West of England
Podiatrist 6 Podiatrist University of Plymouth
Project Manager Degree 6 Project manager (integrated degree) University Centre Weston
Prosthetist and Orthotist 6 Prosthetist and orthotist University of Derby
Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner 6 Psychological wellbeing practitioner University of Exeter
Registered Nurse Degree 6 Registered nurse degree (NMC 2018) University of SomersetThe Open UniversityPlymouth Marjon
Research Scientist 7 Research scientist University of Exeter
Science Manufacturing Technician 3 Science manufacturing technician West Suffolk CollegeSkills 4 Pharmacy
Senior Healthcare Support Worker 3 Senior healthcare support worker Bridgwater and Taunton College
Senior Leader 7 Senior leader University of ExeterThe University of Manchester
Senior Leader in Healthcare 7 Senior leader in healthcare University of Exeter
Senior People Professional 7 Senior people professional University of Exeter
Social Worker 6 Social worker (integrated degree) The Open University
Software Developer 4 Software developer Just ITYeovil CollegeBridgwater & Taunton College
Systems Thinking Practitioner 7 Systems thinking practitioner University of Exeter
Team Leader Supervisor 3 Team leader supervisor Always ConsultBridgwater and Taunton CollegeDamar TrainingBusiness People Professional
Therapeutic Radiographer 6 Therapeutic radiographer University of the West of England
Trainee Assistant Practitioner (Health) 5 Trainee Assistant Practitioner University of SomersetUniversity of CumbriaSouth Devon College
Trainee Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner 4 Psychological wellbeing practitioner University of Exeter
Trainee Nursing Associate 5 Assistant practitioner (health) University of SomersetUniversity of CumbriaSouth Devon College