Somerset autism spectrum service

We are a specialist NHS team made up of clinical psychologists and autism practitioners

If you are 18 years or over, we can help diagnose if you have autism and if you do, we offer some limited short term support.

If you are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, one of our clinicians will give you feedback after you get it. We also offer a follow up appointments approximately 6 months after your diagnosis as we recognise that it can take time to process and make sense of this information. We will offer one-off appointments after your diagnosis to discuss the impact of autism on your life and will signpost you to any other of our trust’s services you need and other appropriate services where available.

We provide advice and training to NHS healthcare staff to share autism best practice and advice for making reasonable adjustments.

We celebrate difference and diversity and recognise that traits associated with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) can be both an advantageous and a challenge depending on the situation.

We support small “Tree of Life” groups which aim to provide a safe and connected space were you can share and appreciate each other’s life stories and the part that autism plays within those lives.

Please Note: We are not funded to case manage, provide care coordination or offer long-term support

How you can get this service

We ask that referrals are completed via your GP (or NHS care team), because your GP will be in a position to hold an overview of your current situation.

Who can refer?

There is a G.P referral form here (hyperlink) and GPs can contact us to discuss referral.

Our trust staff can refer you via our internal referral form

Inclusion criteria

  • Aged 18 years or above
  • No diagnosis of learning disability
  • Symptoms indicative of Autism Spectrum Disorder (the referral form can be used to screen whether a referral is appropriate)
  • Evidence of a clinically significant impairment in functioning
  • Registered to a G.P in Somerset

Referral and Acceptance Criteria

People with Autism Spectrum Disorder share differences and/or difficulties relating to two core areas:

  • Social communication and social interaction
  • Restricted, repetitive patterns of interests, activities or behaviour

When deciding whether someone is appropriate for our service we will be assessing the referral information in accordance with DSM-5 criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The team has a weekly referral meeting, following which the referrer will be contacted regarding the outcome of their referral.

In some cases, we may contact the referrer to request further information, before a decision is reached.

Waiting list

Waiting times for assessment are currently 6-12 months. In certain cases we may be able to prioritise referrals if there is a strong clinical reason to do so. We would advise referrers to contact us if a person’s circumstances change and they believe that the referral needs to be prioritised.

Useful Documents