Help to influence Somerset’s dermatology service by becoming an ‘Expert by Experience’

We are looking for patients who have experience of being treated for a dermatological condition in Somerset, to be involved with the transformation of dermatology services in the county.

Over the next year, the way in which patients with skin, hair and nail conditions receive care will be transformed. Our dermatology service is currently undergoing major changes to ensure that patients across Somerset receive the highest quality care in a modern, accessible, integrated service. To make sure that this is done in a way which best meets the needs of patients, we would like patients to be directly involved in the planning and development of the service.

So far, a small number of individuals have formed an Expert by Experience group. They have attended 3 workshops where different aspects of the dermatology service in Somerset have been discussed and feedback on the current service has been sought. Individuals attended both in person and online. If an individual has been unable to attend a workshop they have had the option to feedback individually either face to face, on the phone or via email.

We would like to grow this group further and continue the work that has been started with more sessions. As well as workshops, the opinions of group members may be sought at other times on specific pieces of work, for example, to get feedback on a potential new app for patients.

We are predominantly looking for individuals who have been treated for dermatological condition (for example: skin cancer, eczema, psoriasis, acne, or alopecia) in Somerset, either by a specialist dermatology doctor or nurse in hospital, or a GP with an expertise in dermatology, as well as parents and carers of these individuals, to form a group of Experts by Experience.

Please note that any involvement with this group will not involve you receiving any medical advice. All questions about your own dermatological condition (or wider medical problems) will continue to be managed by your doctor (dermatologist or GP). This group is solely for helping to shape the dermatology service in Somerset.

To see if you could become an Expert by Experience, please read the role description for more detailed information. For any further queries, please contact

If you would like to be involved, please complete the online application form or download the form to complete offline.