Somerset Cancer Register - About Us

Somerset Cancer Register is a business owned by Somerset NHS Foundation Trust that provides the industry-leading total cancer management solution for England.

The digital platform is designed with healthcare professionals and collects patient data to help staff manage the patient’s pathway from GP referral through to end of treatment. The main features covered by the product include:

  • Ability to track and monitor patient progress
  • Manage multidisciplinary team meetings
  • Capture CNS activity, including holistic needs assessment
  • Manage acute oncology admissions
  • Include palliative care
  • 13 different tumour sites
  • Seamless integration with clinical systems
  • Electronic transfers for tertiary referrals
  • Access on mobile devices.

At the end of treatment, a separate module, Remote Monitoring System (RMS), assists specialists to schedule and personalise review protocols for patients. Results are reviewed by the clinical teams and in the majority of cases, face to face appointments are no longer necessary.

RMS is linked to SCR and enables data transfer/lookup capabilities between both systems. Data from RMS can be fed to any patient portal to enable the patient to have access to their own healthcare record.