West Somerset Artists

21 October 2020 – 26 January 2021

A beautiful part of the South West, West Somerset has stunning landscapes with a national park, the South West coastal footpath and a rich history of landmarks.  In this exhibition three artists who live and work in this wonderful environment bring you works that have been inspired by the area in which they live and what they see on a daily basis.

Jane Hood is a painter and printmaker living in and taking her inspiration from the West Somerset landscape.  Most of her work has a strong sense of place and much is done outside or from sketches done outdoors and brought back to the studio.

When painting on paper she always uses Two Rivers paper, a beautiful rag paper made by hand at an ancient watermill in Roadwater.   She likes to use watercolours, spray paint, acrylic paint, pastels, oil paints and other things!

John Kemp – As a newcomer to Somerset 6 years ago I found that the move reinvigorated my love of the natural world. The work you see here is comprised of two of my passions – West Somerset & Exmoor landscapes together with studio studies of everyday plant life.

The landscapes interested me because of their graphic quality and the demonstration of the elemental power of nature in this area of diverse countryside and coastline.

For the flora it was particularly important for me to show the beauty of some of the most every day and familiar of species that I would see in the local environment and my garden. By choosing to isolate each in the artificial and alien environment of my studio I was able to show their unique forms, textures and “personality”.

Sue Onley was born in Southampton and attended Art College there, she later worked at Oxford University as an archaeological draughtswoman.   After extensive travels and periods of residence in various parts of the world including New Zealand, Greece, the USA and Northern Europe, she settled in West Somerset. Throughout her travels she found inspiration in the huge variety of landscapes which motivated her to create different styles of painting and printing.

These were eventually honed into a more recognisable style in the 1980s when she attended Bristol College of Art and earned her a degree in Fine Art.  Since then she has continued to paint and create coloured etchings and says the hills and seascapes of the region are her greatest inspiration.