South West Printmakers

14 October 2020 – 26 January 2021

An exhibition of prints by South West based artists Chris Laver, Louise Scammell, and Niamh Geraghty-Morris.  These three artists showcase a range of print making techniques including direct and hands-on process silkscreens by Chris, Niamh’s experience as a silversmith to create drypoint and woodcut techniques with monoprinting and Louise’s underwater drawing using a waterproof sketch pad to create wood lithographs.

Louise Scammell is a Printmaker and has her own studio in South Brent, Devon.

She is a keen freediver and during the last few years has been drawing underwater using a waterproof sketch pad.  She finds the act of diving an intense experience, the light and colour changing in a moment.   She loves the anticipation of capturing something shimmering, unknown, fleeting….

Her field sketches are translated into limited edition Artists Prints.

Louise has found there are a number of challenges to be faced when working underwater, not least the unpredictability of the weather. Her partner is a fisherman and is able to take her to more remote areas where the conditions are sometimes more favourable for diving.

Louise exhibits her work locally, nationally and internationally. A member of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen and an Associate member of the Society of Wildlife Artists, she has taught at Dartington Print Workshop for 13 years.

The Mokulito prints in this exhibition are in fact wood lithographs. Louise attended a residency in Spain during 2017 to learn this relatively new technique from a leading expert in this field, Ewa Budka.

Chris Laver –  Silkscreening is a very direct and hands-on process- there is always an element of surprise, something that you don’t get from conventional print.  I like mixing the colours, pulling the ink through the screen onto the paper, seeing how one colour interacts with another- each piece becomes a unique and original work.

I worked as a Graphic Designer for many years so silkscreening is a natural progression of my style. I am constantly attracted to items because of their graphic qualities. Silkscreening brings me back to working directly with colour again.

I like to work with ‘found’ objects: Old Matchbox labels, Buttons, bits of Jewellery and printed ephemera. Plants from my garden are also a source of inspiration. I find it fascinating to enlarge these objects past their natural or intended size and in doing so reveal new qualities, seeing familiar items with a fresh eye.

Niamh Geraghty-Morris – My work as a printmaker is informed and influenced by my training and experience as a silversmith, often using the same tools to transfer the fine skills of etching and engraving precious metals to the printing block to create an image on paper.

My work responds to the love of my surroundings, nature, intricate details noticed and moments captured.  With a desire to evoke and convey the sense of a place, my prints start as sketches, a found object, a leaf, a stone, a record of the smells of the river, the sound of grasses in the breeze, the fading winter light on a hedgerow.

From my studio in Devon, where coast, moor and riverside are on my doorstep, I make small editions of handmade prints and books. I combine drypoint and woodcut techniques with monoprinting to create a painterly quality to my prints, so each in the edition will vary slightly and be unique. I love the slow process of cutting the wood, creating small intentional marks that will begin as a suggestion of the image and then to combine these marks with the less predictable fluidity of monotype, layering colours to create a richness and depth to the printed image.