The Wall

Coastal Creatives – Printmakers from the South West

27th February to July 2024

Six printmakers (Jenny Graham, Sue Lowe, Julia Manning, Gail Mason, Jane Mowat and Lisa Takahashi) from Somerset and beyond have come together for this joint exhibition: Coastal Creatives. Working with a range of printmaking techniques, from painted monotypes to linocuts, these printmakers combine techniques in new and innovative ways to produce bold and colourful works.

Some of the artworks are editions but most are unique prints in themselves, having been worked into with layers of texture, paints and pigments. In the same way to painting, the process can only be done once.

Inspired by the varied and diverse coast of West Somerset and the South West, these printmakers use sketches and photographs made on location, before working up images in the studio. The individual prints celebrate the natural and built features of our coast, exploring rock formation, the flow of water and shorelines, rivers and the estuaries leading to the sea.

Several of the artists have exhibited regionally and nationally and have achieved high acclaim within their respective fields.